Fifthgate has over two decades' experience making quality software for the web.

With a wide variety of platforms at our disposal, we've created everything from brochure websites to complex property-management systems.

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Our Approach

At Fifthgate, our approach to development is analysis-driven.

We use the Domain-Driven Design approach to gain a deep knowledge of your business and its processes.

We build our software with modular, sustainable architecture. This means the your site is ready to grow as your business grows, without having to substantially re-work core systems to incorporate new needs.

We use automated software testing on all our products. This ensures high reliability and quality, and helps you innovate with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automated Testing?
As we write software, we also write small, software-defined tests that ensure it's working as intended. Every time a change is made to the software, these tests are re-run, ensuring that new changes have not broken the site.
What is Domain-Driven Design?
The 'Domain' in Domain Driven Design is your business, its processes and its people. By understanding your domain, we make software that's tailored to your exact specifications.
What is Modular Architecture?
Many websites are designed as one large product. This means that a small change in one area can require changing many other, seemingly-unrelated areas, driving up the cost of development. This is called a 'monolithic' architecture. By comparison, a modular architecture is one where each component is designed to do one job and do it well. For example, your blog and your shop are separate concerns. By keeping them separated, you can completely change your shop from, say, WooCommerce to Magento without affecting your blog.