In 2024, the best digital solution for your business isn’t always a website.

At Fifthgate, we offer consultancy services to help small businesses sell online. We’ll walk you through the options and help you find a solution that fits both your business and your budget.

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Great websites start with great analysis

We use the Domain-Driven Design Process to gain the best possible understanding of your needs.

Working with you, we'll develop a model of your business processes, identifying the areas where digital solutions can give the greatest return on investment.

Market Research


Stand out from your competitors

We'll help you research your market and refine your value proposition.

With over two decades' experience in new media, we can help you identify markets and revenue streams.



Make the right move

In 2024, a website doesn't stand alone.

We'll help your orchestrate all your digital marketing, including social media and search-engine advertising for the best ROI possible.

User Storyboarding


What do your customers want?

Your customers are the life-blood of your business, but different customers have different needs.

Working with you, we'll identify key audience groups and tailor experiences to their requirements.

Software Architecture


Reliable, extensible, profitable

At Fifthgate, we've got over two decades' experience in making high-quality software.

All our software is built with the future in mind, designed to easily grow with changing needs and technologies.

We use automated software testing extensively to ensure reliability.

Platform Selection

Facebook? eBay? Bespoke?

In 2024, the best solution for getting your business online may not always be a website.

In conjuction with our analysis process, we'll discover which platforms will best reach your customers and provide the best ROI for your brand.